Forestry Lookout

This was an old Forestry Lookout Tower used in the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s as first defence against new forest fires. From this vantage point you can see a lot of territory and is yet another place with a magnificent view. This is a day trip so remember to bring your lunch and some drinking water.

Four Barrel Mainline

When leaving the cabins go down river (back the way you came in) to 6kms, where the REO sign is and the message board. Turn around here and head back into the valley, just up the road you will see a road that goes up to your right, the sign posted says Wilderness Ranch.

Gravel Beach

Travel up the road, past a 2km sign and on up till about 5.5kms, staying on the main road.

Nahatlatch Lookout Trail

Here there is a road to your left that is posted
Nahatlatch Lookout Trail.

Fraser and Nahatlatch Rivers

This is what you will see looking back down the Fraser and Nahatlatch Rivers.

Up the hill
Up the hill

Continue on up the hill, and this road is great for quads, motorbikes, mountain bikes and hikers, but you still can drive your 4x4 truck up. This road is not passable for cars or trucks without 4x4 as it is steeply uphill with some very rough terrain and the trees are beginning to overgrow the road.

Fraser River and Hwy #1

There are a lot of switchbacks and water bars on the road, so be prepared. On a couple of the corners you feel that you have turned all the way around. It is 3.5kms to the Old Lookout Tower from the cut off at Four Barrel Mainline so if you are going to hike this be certain to bring water and some snacks. There are no creeks on the way up. You will get some great views of the Fraser River and Hwy #1.

View of the Fraser

If you are looking for a place to rest at about 2.5kms
you will see a road to the right where there is a flat spot with a view of the Fraser.


You will be able to tell that there has been logging happening here for a number of years, with great success in the replanting of the forests.


There will be more because of the bug kill (pine beetle), which you will be able to see up close when you get to the tower.


Well you have made it to the top. The road still goes further, I don't recommend that you take your truck because every year the conditions change and there may be slides and it will be difficult to turn around. Taking a bike or hiking would be the way to check things out on this section. Here there is a pull out and a place to turn around. These pictures were taken in May and that is why there still is snow here.


The old Tower has been taken down and a new one has been built. It looks the same but new. It was built in 2012.

Check out the views

Again check out the views,
as this is the main the reason you are here!

Nahatlatch River

This is the view looking at the Nahatlatch River.

Beautiful BC view

The high mountain vegetation is quite clear from this picture and this is a great spot to break for lunch spread out on the Helicopter pad while enjoying another great Beautiful BC view.


From here you can carry on further down the road or head back to the cabins, it’s all down hill now, so that’s a plus. Remember to take the time to check out the views!